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288km in a harvester can really test your patience!

Vintage is upon us.

Travelling between 3 vineyards - the convoy is slow going up and down the hilly lanes and main roads of Orange. 30 mins by car is 1 1/2 hours by tractor!  

The fruit is coming off clean, flavoursome and fast! 
So fast we have chaser tractors carrying 2 x 1 tonne bins and 2 tonne bins flying through the headlands, utes with 1/2 tonne bins scrambling back to hand pickers in the opposite block. It's all hands on deck as we wrangle and manage where to go next! B-double semi after B-double semi roll in and out, flatbed trucks and utes then drive them off to wineries all over NSW. 

Tom from Swinging Bridge and his dad are in the thick of it and continue the flow of grapes leaving the property.  

Our team headed by Justin, Nigel, Mitch, Tim, John, Sharna & Pip have been going for it now for who knows how long. Pip's pile of paperwork is never ending but every load out has its paper trail. She stocks the minibar with chockies, soda and milk, makes  BBQ brekkies to keep them fuelled. Sharna does the emergency coffee and vanilla slice run while the boys try and grab a quick sleep in the tractor or swag in the back of the ute between trucks.

4 am Sunday morning and we're down 2 tractors - we throw a call out to James Sweetapple of Cargo Road Wines who not only answers the call but is on site 20 mins later with 2 tractors and his vintage cellar hand Matteo from Italy.  

This is what Vintage is about. Mates helping mates, looking after anothers fruit like it's their own. No question about it, we're pretty fortunate to have people like Tom and James in Orange. A common passion - It's at the heart of what we do.  

We are the people behind the vines and wines.
The growers.
The vignerons.
The winemakers & the dreamers.
We put in the time so you can enjoy our wine! 
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Pinot Gris @ Balmoral VineyardPinot Noir @ Annangrove Park VineyardProsecco Harvest Sunset @ Annangrove Park VineyardKeep on Truckin'- Bright happy socks make me smileHand picking @ Annangrove Park VineyardChanging of the season mid harvest

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