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I Love Vintage!

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I love vintage!

I get a little sparkle in my eye when I see the fruit start to fill and change colour.

The air is electric and I’m excited to see tractors pulling grape bins zipping through the vineyard, getting back to the harvester before the next bin is full! Seeing all the hands quickly and gently snip off delicious delicate juicy globes and swiftly running buckets back to the grape bin.
Your harvest is like a report card. Full of A’s because of all your hard work and effort over the last year. You’re attentive and disciplined and do things on time resulting in great clean fruit!
Sure there are many pressures throughout the year. Machinery breaks down, parts are delayed or an irrigation pump decides it has had enough in the middle of summer. Lack of sleep, moving sheep, time ticks away. These trials are all part of the fabric of what makes a great vintage - nothing like a “we fixed the pump” victory to tell over lunch, dinner, or a beer at the pub!
So here we go.
Machines are ready.
Our crew is ready.
The grapes are almost ready.
Tractors catching grapes

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