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Orange Wine Festival - Done and Dusted

Another successful Orange Wine Festival 2017 has come to a close. 

With signature events all sold out including our own humble little event the Pilgrimage of Elevation, Orange is becoming a hub for wine and food travel and why not! It's a picturesque place with rolling hills and fantastic locally grown produce!

Pilgrimage of Elevation Wrap - Our guests were met in town by Justin Jarrett, vigneron and owner of See Saw Wines, who then joined them on the trip out to the first vineyard Annangrove Park at an average elevation of 750 metres above sea level. Hopping off the bus in the middle of the  vineyard - the prosecco block at 745 mtrs, everyone was treated to a crisp chilled glass of Prosecco and the biggest antipasti board by Pochi ma Buoni. The locally source camphor laurel slab is larger than a coffee table and full of handmade goodies such as Mischa's See Saw's organic grown lamb terrine! 

One Sauvignon Blanc is the same as another Sauvignon Blanc, right? Well not quite!

We put our guests palates to the test with 3 sauvignon blancs from 3 different elevations.  Each displaying different notes on the nose and palate.  There were quite a few discerning palates amongst the group, getting each wine and its elevation correct!

A quick stop at Springvale Coole Park vineyard, the home of our organically grown Sauvignon Blanc, Justin then gave a small talk on grafting showing the "Able" Pinot Noir to some avid home gardeners! 

Lunch was in the 100+ year old shearing shed on our Balmoral vineyard. We were treated to Paulo's humble yet utterly delicious  lovingly hand made Orecchiette con Broccoli, matched with our 2015 Chardonnay; Agnello alla Salentina (slow-cooked See Saw organic lamb in See Saw Shiraz), matched with our 2016 Pinot Noir; and Tiramisu matched with our 2017 Rosé which apparently brought out the coffee flavour amazingly well! Pochi ma Buoni certainly cook food from the heart!

A shearing shed in the middle of a vineyard. Good spot to lunch!Elevation make a difference

Keep an eye out for 2018 Orange Wine Festival events. Remember you will need to book early!


See Saw 

Sauvignon Blanc at elevationAntipasti boards don't come this large very often!

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