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Orange Wine Region

Orange is a wine region not only defined by its beautiful location but its altitude and attitude towards quality.

To be classified as ‘Orange’, grapes must be grown above 600 meters. The Orange region is perfect for the growing and producing quality wine. A combination of geology, soils and a cool climate combine to produce grapes and wine with an elegant yet distinct flavour.

The Orange climate perhaps plays the biggest part in giving Orange some distinct natural advantages - the cool temperatures during the growing season coupled with dry autumn conditions are ideal for grape growing.It’s that extended time till ripening that brings out the best in our wines.

Mount Canobolas, an extinct volcano is a hugely important geological feature. Providing its rich basalt soils, its altitude also creates a micro-environment ensuring we capture much needed rainfall.

At See Saw, we believe great wines are an expression of the soils they are grown in and the seasons they grow. Through knowledge and experience we strive for balance and structure  and proudly, through solar energy, water management and encouraging natural biodiversity, See Saw brings these environmentally sustainable wines to your table to share with friends and family.