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See Saw | Organic wines, sustainably grown

"We don't inherit the earth from our Ancestors we borrow it from our children" 

Justin and Pip Jarrett’s sustainable and low-impact viticulture and wine making highlights their respect for the local environment. Their family ethos is based on an old American Chief Seattle saying; "We don't inherit the earth from our Ancestors we borrow it from our children".

From vintage 2019 onwards, all See Saw range wines are organically certified and vegan. 

See Saw wines believe that sustainability and wine making is more than just the growing of organic grapes, or recycling packaging. We produce some of Orange’s best certified organically grown grapes, but we also go beyond organics and this is where our efforts in sustainability comes into play on a much larger scale. It is about managing natural resources, being water and energy efficient. Recycling as well as reducing environmental waste and constantly looking for improvement in waste reduction. Part of being a sustainable business not only takes into consideration environmental soundness, but economic feasibility and social equality and impact. 

By reducing traditional farming methods and planting over 1,000 trees, shrubs and native flora, we have seen our waterways regain much needed ground cover which in turn has reduced stream bank erosion. All of our waterways are grassed too. The grass acts as a filter to ensure only pristine water leaves the property. Justin and Pip have also locked away over 60ha of pristine Australian bush as a regeneration area restoring habitat for native fauna and flora such as echidnas, kangaroos, migrating birds and reptiles.

Wines are made with organically grown grapes from our Spring Vale/Coole Park and Annangrove vineyards and during the wine making process we utilise organic additives (fining agents, yeast, etc) including SO2. We use non-synthesized ingredients making our wines vegan friendly too. 

Annangrove Park wildlife Sustainability in Action - Predatory Lady bugs in action

 In 2009 a target of 6% soil organic matter was set and this is measured every three years. With a completed energy efficiency audit we have managed to reduce our carbon input. The University of NSW project to measure carbon output showed that our vineyard has actually stored more carbon than it has released since testing began.

With over the 30 years of farming, we have developed a successful cell grazing system to ensure maximum ground cover in the vineyard, as well as developing a pilot worm farm.

With the addition of three 10kw solar systems, combined with the current work practices, See Saw wines are one of the leading sustainable vineyards in NSW.