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Level up your next dinner party with See Saw

Level up your next dinner party with See Saws’ skin-contact wine range.
Skin-contact wines are fast becoming a popular option amongst wine lovers. These funky wines burst with flavour and texture making them the perfect accompaniment to food and a sure way to
impress guests! See Saw Incubator range is exactly that, fun, funky skin-contact wines designed to be enjoyed with friends and food.

Our top tips for pairing See Saw skin-contact wines with food for your next lunch or dinner party.
GEE GEE: a Pinot Gris and Gewürztraminer skin contact blend. identifies as they/them. Gee Gee is fresh and bright, the ultimate summer drink of choice with their guava, tangerine and rosewater

Gee Gee

We love Gee Gee with a cheese board and pairs especially well with a classic mersey valley cheddar or a personal favourite for a long lunch with Recipe Tine Eats, – Christmas baked Salmon.

Christmas Baked Salmon

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SAMM: a skin contact blend of organic Sauvignon Blanc and Marsanne. SAMM is packed with
tropical flavours, juicy pineapples, spicy ginger, herbaceous notes and a marmalade finish.


This funky wine is best shared with friends over a spicy meal. We love SAMM with Marion Grasbys Thai Green

Green Curry

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MARGE: a skin contact blend of Pinot Noir and Gamay. Marge has delicious cherry plum and
raspberry flavours; she is scrumptious served lightly chilled and the perfect accompaniment to an
Italian long lunch or dinner.

Chilled Reds

If like us you take homemade pizza very seriously, we recommend
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