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Over a Glass with Shanteh Wale & Justin Jarrett See Saw Owner

Over a Glass is a wine & drinks podcast with Shanteh Wale exploring the personalities, stories and landscape of the wine and drinks business. Shanteh recently interviewed See Saw owner, Justin Jarrett on her latest episode: Justin Jarrett See Saw Wine, Orange – Pioneer of Organic Viticulture.

The conversation between Shanteh and our owner Justin starts with how Justin met his wife Pip, the other half of See Saw Wine at University and how the pair both found an interest in organic farming and growing and choose Orange to be their base. Justin explains to Shanteh on how their values around sustainability and organics have shaped their approach to farming with a strong belief that the land they own and work with is only borrowed from future generations.

Justin shares on how the business came to be, before owning See Saw Wine Justin and Pip were growing fruit and suppling to 22 wineries around Australia, mostly in NSW one of them being See Saw Wine. In 2012 they were offered to take over the business, “We were ready to take on the brand as we had come a long way with the vineyard and fruit quality”.

Through a holistic view of farming, Justin & Pip have a strong focus on under vine management across all three farms ensuring a wide diversification of plant life, birds & nature. In the podcast Justin shares more about their core values and also what wine he drinks besides the See Saw label.

“Pip and I get out of bed and we are happy with what we are doing and how we farm, there is still lots we would love to do but everyday to us is a victory for the health of the ecosystem we work with”, Justin Jarrett.

Over A Glass

Listen to the podcast here.