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Is Prosecco Sweet Or Dry?

Prosecco is a very versatile wine. Made from the Glera grape and originating in Italy, it is now being planted and produced by many wine regions across the globe that have different climates and wine making styles. Prosecco can range from sweet (dolce) to not sweet (brut nature). You may find some Prosecco labels will have extra terms like these on them, and this is a way of distinguishing the sweetness of the wine. However, not all Prosecco will have this on the label so sometimes the best way to tell is just to taste it!

Our Prosecco, grown and made in Orange NSW, sits at ‘Extra Dry’ with 15g/L residual sweetness, which when accompanied with the zingy acidity the cool climate of Orange offers, really scratches the itch of that satisfying sweet spot without having any overwhelming sweetness to the consumer. It is simply fruity, fun, and refreshing!

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