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Foolproof Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

The foolproof Valentine’s Day Gift Guide is out. Here at See Saw we are all about finding the balance, this Valentine’s Day we want to help you get it right. Need help shopping for your special someone? Take a read of our Foolproof Gift Guide for a successful Valentine’s Day.

Relationship status: Matched on tinder but have not yet met in person

Swiped right but haven’t yet been able to line up a first date? Don’t ruin your chances of meeting their cute dog you’ve already seen 500 photos of. Our famous See Saw Prosecco comes in piccolo size bottles so you don’t have to appear too keen. A cheeky piccolo Prosecco with a ribbon sends all the right vibes without coming on too strong.

Prosecco Piccolo

Prosecco Piccolo (24 x 200ml bottles), $216.00 or available for individual purchase at our cellar door.

Relationship status: Unsure if things are official?

Haven’t had ‘the chat’ yet but you’re really into it. A bottle of our incubator series GEE GEE is your answer. Always a fun time and not too serious, will hopefully be your key to getting out of the friend zone for good.

Gee Gee

See Saw Gee Gee, $35.00

Relationship status: Dating 1 year, first Valentines’ Day together

Pop the bubbles and mark the special occasion with a bottle of See Saw Prosecco. P.S you’re coming out of the honeymoon phase so keep the vibes high for as long as possible (perhaps buy a case).


Balance Prosecco, $25.00

Relationship status: Married with kids and CBF to plan anything?

Bring home a bottle of our Invergo Gamay to spice things up. A delicious chilled red option to enjoy in between bath and bed time but acceptable to drink at room temperature if a tantrum breaks out.

Invergo Gamay, $40.00

Relationship status: Awkwardly away for work but want to make them feel special?

Not able to be with your loved one this year but want to stay out of the dog-house? Send them a bottle of Rosecco to enjoy with the girls, you’ll thank us later.


Balance Rosecco, $25.00

Relationship status: Dating 4 years and your partner is expecting a ring not a bottle of wine

The only option is our award-winning Balance Pinot Noir. Be sure to relay on the card that it’s just won the best Pinot in NSW and for only $25.00 you’ll still be able to contribute to the ring fund that week.

Balance Pinot Noir

Balance Pinot Noir, $25.00

Relationship status: Married 20 years

Let’s face it, there is probably very limited times you remind each other you love them. Make this Valentines’ Day a special one with a bottle of our Fulcra Chardonnay from our premium range. Married 30 years +? Better make it a case!

Fulcra Chardonnay
Fulcra Chardonnay, $80.00.